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At Best Maids MD Cleaning, we offer a wide array of housekeeping services to make your home sparkle. Whether it’s one-time cleaning, a seasonal cleanup or long-term service, we’ll customize a cleaning program that’s specially built around your needs.

All house cleaning prices vary depending on the size of your home and services requested

Our residential services include:

AnchorRegular House Cleaning
Our staff takes cleaning seriously. In all rooms we dust window sills, ledges and blinds, dust and/or polish furniture and vacuum floors, carpets and furniture. We’ll even pick up and straighten or put away upon request.

  • In the bedroom, we make beds and change linen, clean mirrors and television glass.
  • In the bathroom, we wash tiles, bath tubs, showers and floors. We clean toilet and seat covers, polish mirrors and wipe off shelves and/or clean cabinets. We even change towels and empty trash cans.
  • In the kitchen, we clean and wipe off all surfaces of cabinets, countertops, refrigerator (including top) and stove top and front. We also clean small appliances, including the microwave inside and outside, as well as disinfect the sink, spot-clean walls over sink and stove and wash the floor. We even wash and put away dishes, clean the kitchen table and empty and clean trash cans.

AnchorMoving In/Moving Out Cleaning
We provide cleaning services whether you’re moving in or moving out. We dust, clean, polish and organize kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces and make your home or apartment sparkling clean, comfortable and ready for use.

AnchorPacking & Unpacking
We help you pack or unpack, and organize cupboards, closets, furniture and appliances for you.

AnchorSpring Cleaning
When you’re ready to tackle a more-intensive seasonal cleaning, we do it all. Our spring cleaning service includes vacuuming ceiling, corners, fan blades, light fixtures and lamps, pulling out furniture and cleaning underneath and behind, washing windows, walls, ceilings, baseboards and woodwork (including doors and frames), vacuuming drapes and upholstered furniture and dusting books and shelves. We even clean out fireplaces.

  • In the kitchen, we clean inside/outside the refrigerator and oven, clean inside kitchen cabinets, shelves, pantry and drawers and wash trashcans. We wipe/dust/wash walls and wipe off woodwork, drawer and cabinet handles, as well as vacuum and mop floors.
  • In the bathroom, we disinfect showers, tubs, sinks, toilets and tiles, wash shower curtains and replace liners, wipe walls, ceiling, corners and baseboards, clean cabinets and drawers and clean mirror and chrome fixtures.
  • In the bedroom, we dust and wipe pictures and frames, dust and polish furniture, shelves and knick knacks and clean mirrors and glass furniture tops. We even organize closets.

AnchorCabinets & Closets
We dust, clean, organize and maintain cabinets and closets.

AnchorPost-Construction Cleaning
We dispose of all post-construction materials, as well as clean and vacuum floors, partitions and walls.

AnchorClutter Cleanup
We clean hoarded clutter and help you manage your living space.

AnchorOther Services

  • Carpet cleaning, removing spots, stains and pet odors
  • Upholstery cleaning, from sofas and recliners to dining room chairs and leather furniture
  • Maintain outdoor and indoor plants

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